Why Does Music Give Me The Chills

This article will discuss why music gives us the chills, and the science behind this phenomenon. (if you want to know more, click here).

My first time experiencing chills with music

Music that Relieves Stress

I first started experiencing this phenomenon when I was just about 7 years old.

My brother (who is 5 years older than me) was in his room with a few friends, getting ready to play Nintendo.

I climbed the stairs to his room and I took the headphones from his room and put them on.

What I heard at this time was a melody that was upbeat and smooth.

I experienced chills all across my body and had never felt like I had connected so much with something in my entire life. The melody, the voice, the rhythm, they all grabbed me.

From that point on, this phenomenon became commonplace.

Many times I’ll be alone and listening to music, and suddenly I’ll feel a rush of emotion, much like a wave of electricity coursing through my body.

My heart will suddenly pound faster, my head will become light, my eyes will begin to water, my ears will be flooded with the most piercing and pungent sound I can possibly imagine, and my muscles will feel tight and twitchy.

In no time, I find myself standing in the middle of my room, sobbing. In this case, it’s usually the climax of the song that causes this intense reaction.

Experiencing 'chills' in music is more commonplace than I thought

How to Enjoy Music More

Many people have expressed to me that they have these “chills” of music, but are not quite sure why they are happening.

So I put together this list of possible explanations for the phenomenon. While I can’t guarantee it will explain it all, I hope you will be able to find some comfort in knowing that there is something deeper at work here.

Music gives us a window into ourselves

Music speaks to people’s souls in ways that many other forms of media cannot.

One of the strongest areas of the human psyche, where our emotions are felt strongest, is our emotions. Everything from our level of excitement to our feelings of sadness can be easily observed by looking at the patterns of our heart rate.

When listening to music, we feel a certain rush of emotion that many describe as a “high”. So when you are listening to music, you can often feel yourself getting more and more pumped up.

In essence, you are often finding yourself getting more pumped up and inspired as the song progresses.

Music moves us — emotionally and physically

music moves us

I’m convinced that every person on the planet has had the experience of dancing around the room while listening to music.

It’s one of the most fun things in the world, and you can see the pure joy it brings on their face. While I haven’t personally experienced this, I suspect that it is a very natural, and very human reaction.

Dancing, or even just tapping your toe, while listening to music is a way to release your emotions and exercise your body.

You are exerting yourself and you are having fun. This feeling can be more intense with certain kinds of music, but it’s very contagious.

So if you are having fun and you’re dancing, I believe it’s possible that you’re experiencing music.

Music is a spiritual experience

The idea that we are all a part of something much bigger than ourselves is not a new one.

I find it very interesting that music is so important to us, because it is both a physical and spiritual experience.

I could speculate that the physical physicality of music is simply a reminder of the creative and spiritual power that lies within us all. Because music is something that is spiritually, and physically created, we can usually feel it.

Whether it’s the lilting bass notes of a Mozart piano concerto or the bright string orchestra of a string quartet, music can bring us to a better place.

It may be a higher place. It may be a happier place. It may be somewhere with a little more love and joy in it. If we are feeling down or sad, music is a

What is the best way to experience music?

How to Enjoy Electronic Music

For me, the best way to experience music is to sit in a dark room with a nice pair of headphones and just let the music engulf you.

You don't need to be drugged out or anything to just let the music consume you and feel it in your body.

Of course, some music is better enjoyed on a stereo system where you can dance around and move your body. You can also do the same at a club or with friends.

But when you're after that visceral sensation in your body, it's best to be in alone and let the music speak to you personally.

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