Music That Stimulates The Brain

Ever felt that some music just stimulates your mind into working better? Here we will discuss some genres of music that are great for studying and working out your brain!

How often do you pick up your favourite music to relax and unwind? Well, some studies show that listening to certain kinds of music while studying and working out the mind is just not helpful. Well, the music shouldn't be distracting but should actually be used for its mental, physical and emotional effects.

Dr. John Anderson, author of ‘The Best and Worst Tunes for Reading’, stated that studying and working out the mind should not be done in the same music.

Music should be listened to when the concentration is higher than usual, such as while studying for an exam, while practicing a sport, while making a paper model, and so on. For a social purpose, music such as classical, blues, jazz or bluegrass are also great.

Violin and Piano

The most popular genres that are great for studying and working out the brain are:

Jazz: is full of different elements that enhance the memory, creativity and recall of facts and ideas, so it is great for thinking more, especially when looking for answers in a textbook.

  • The key to jazz is slow tempo and long silences. When the brain is immersed in the relaxing, meditative beats, its focus is naturally piqued and the learning is enhanced.

Blues: is also the perfect choice for studying and working out the brain, as it uses fewer notes and only a small range of sounds than jazz and blues, which allow you to have a better concentration, as you can sing along.

  • The key to blues is that the lyrics have to be in line with the rhythm of the music. The loud, overpowering sounds help you to concentrate and revise.

Classic Rock: has a variety of different chords in different octaves, making it the best choice for mixing and mastering all kinds of different notes.

  • The keys are emphasized, making it easy for the mind to be focusing on the melody and lyrics.

R&B and Hip Hop: can give you the feeling of running down a street and bursting in the middle of a club, there are a variety of different beats and songs.

  • For studying, the beats can easily be integrated with the rhythms of the notes.

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Other Genres:

Classical Music

Classical music is always ideal for a busy and busy day. Classical music stimulates your mind and creates an atmosphere where you can study your textbooks and solve problems without thinking too much.

Classical music for working out can be something really interesting to play on a synthesizer or even something that you can sing on the keyboard or even just sit and listen to it.

Piano/Keyboard Music

Piano music is the best when you are studying for an exam. You can study a lot better while listening to this type of music, listening to it once in a while will make studying even more interesting and you will be able to learn a lot more!

Indie music

Indie music is great for studying if you are having a really hard time to concentrate. Indie music contains lyrics that are both memorable and actionable.

It can be a good alternative when your mind starts wandering and you cannot concentrate on the task at hand.

Metal music

Metal music can help you understand and remember your notes better. Metal music has a faster tempo than other kinds of music and can be played loud and will help you to concentrate on the music that you are playing!

Alternative/Indie/Experimental/Musique Concrète

This genre of music is an alternative to your usual genres of music. It will give you a much more relaxing and interesting way to study. This genre contains a lot of artistic and interesting sounds that stimulate your brain and keep you alert.

Game Music

There are several types of game music for working out. Whether you are a shooter, puzzle, adventure, or action game player, you can play different kind of game music to keep yourself entertained and challenged!


Rap and hiphop music is the best for when you are tired, because it will keep your blood flowing. This will help you work out your muscles and also stimulate your brain to be alert!

Classical music for work and working out

Classical music works as a great motivator to work out and you can use your headphones to listen to it while you are working out! It stimulates your brain and you will be able to work out more efficiently!

You can also try listening to slower and slower music to get the brain to be more relaxed while at work. This is what can help you to work efficiently and without thinking too much.

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