Music That Keeps You Awake

Let's discuss some great songs and styles that will keep you from drifting off into dreamland!

Now, I don't mean songs that are just loud or to get your attention—I'd like to give you a list of songs and genres that will keep you awake and stimulate your mind at the same time.

Of course, everyone is awake at some point in the day, no matter what your age or background. Why? Because the whole of the human condition is governed by a routine that we engage with in a set pattern, such as the three meals we consume, the intervals of sleep we get each night, and the times we meditate.

1. Power Ballad

Music That Keeps You Awake

Power Ballads or love ballads are the kind of music that keeps you awake. The track by James Blunt called

A Beautiful Shame and Reba McEntire and John Michael Montgomery's "Smokey and the Bandit" are some of the songs which keep you awake.

Power Ballads are the kind of songs which will definitely keep you awake or these ballads will keep you awake at your work place.

2. Motown

Motown has always been a popular genre of music and is known for getting the brain juices flowing. It can be very sensual and funky at the same time, which is enough to arouse the mind and make you not fall asleep.

Motown music includes songs such as "My Girl" and "Baby, I Need Your Lovin'" which are relaxing songs.

So you need to avoid listening to these songs in the wee hours.

3. Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal music can be very hard to deal with at the time when you are sleepy.

Heavy metal is full of loud bass and guitar and even though you can listen to these songs in the morning, you would need a time when you can actually have a good sleep.

However, it sometimes is just the kick you need.

4. Rock

Music That Keeps You Awake

Rock is a special kind of music that can keep you up all night long (ACDC quote).

They say the lyrics of the songs are supposed to make you feel good at that time and when the lyrics are describing a horrible happening the music will keep you up.

You would want to get out of the thought when listening to these songs. This music is known to keep you up.

5. Classic Rock

Classic rock music is hard rock and metal which also keep you up. You would want to listen to these songs with the hope that you will finally get to sleep and when you can get a good sleep.

Classic rock music has been a very popular genre of music for ages now and a few classic rock songs have become very famous.

These songs are soothing and calm which can help you sleep when your mind is flooded with thoughts.

Music to get the attention of your partner

Music That Keeps You Awake

Sexy music is always good for arousing the mind and making one ready for action.

The point is to have active sounding songs with energetic songs that is emotional enough to capture your attention and not let you fall asleep.

1. Chicago

The song Chicago is a very famous song of the Motown genre and is very active yet calming and you can sing along and make the experience even better.

2. Free Bird

Free Bird is another song that is very powerful. The song is from Lynyrd Skynyrd and is very popular.

It is a good song to play to make your partner feel happy and at the same time keep them up.

3. Queen

The song "Bohemian Rhapsody" has become the song that keeps us up. Queen is one of the best rock bands of all times. This is a popular song of Queen which will help you get on the treadmill and keep grinding!

It is also a very fun song to sing along with your partner.

You may also check out:

4. Talkin' Sweet

Talkin' Sweet is a very popular song of the 70s. This song keeps you up in the wee hours of the night.

5. Celine Dion

Celine Dion has always been a popular singer of pop music and so when she was doing a special performance on MTV, it was a surprise for everyone.

Her song "My Heart Will Go On" is a very popular song and so we suggest you to listen to her. It is a very soothing and relaxing song which can help you stay awake in the middle of your work.

6. U2

The song U2 is a great one to fall asleep to, the way the song sounds and its melody will help you stay awake. The song is U2's album The Joshua Tree.

This song has a very familiar tune which is the kind of music that can really get you out of your mood.

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